SAITH Technologies 

Sangulani Chikumbutso has become the first Zimbabwean to design and make an electric powered 

vehicle and a hybrid helicopter among other gadgets through his company SAITH Technologies.


A Form 2 dropout Chikumbutso, who was born and bred in the high density suburb of Kuwadzana, left many people

surprised and shocked as he demonstrated how the machines operate during the official launch in Harare on Monday.

The biggest of his inventions is the Greener Power Machine (GPM) which is set to revolutionize the energy sector.


SAITH Technologies founder and inventor Sangulani Max Chikumbutso stands by his two-seater helicopter which

uses six different types of fuel.

The Saith Fully Electric Vehicle which was designed and made locally by Chikumbutso through Saith Technologies.

Sangulani Chikumbutso explains how the Saith Fully Electric Vehicle (FEV) operates.

It has a top speed of90km/h.

Saith Technologies Mobile backpack

Saith Technologies Mobile Backpack

Maxwell Sangulani has always claimed the he would try to advance the ability to produce electricity by utilizing radio frequency, and this has been a proven fact. By revealing undisclosed substance (industry secreted) to radio wavelengths, the Eco-friendly power generator has the capacity to funnel the power generated into functional electrical energy.

His assertion is always that he has moved past the rules of preservation of energy as generally comprehended as equivalent shift of energy from a single form to a different one proclaiming that this kind of “discovery” displays the application of basic gel battery packs in series of 220 volts generating a greater output in electrical power (500,000 Watts). We aren't certain how this claim could be allayed, therefore we wish at some discussion board researchers will put the statements to test.

Saith technologies electric motor

Saith technologies electric motor

Using the chopper even so Maxwell says they've already produced the vast majority of the craft locally following the importation of the graphite fabric. He concedes that a lot of the digital parts are imported. Making reference to the way it appears just like the Alibaba photos, he states that they need not to replicate the entire body but merely employed the most popular designs in the same manner you usually cannot differentiate between an Airbus and a Boeing (Airbus A350-900 and Boeing 777-8X).

Numerous parts of the plane are noticeably unpolished and Saith says that apart from the graphite, a lot of the metallic components are manufactured with materials from Aluminium Works and BSI Steel, Mica hardware and bolts from TNT Bolts. The mast and transmission connecting the motor to the rotor blades are run by a go cart diff. The most important advancement for Saith is definitely the Fly-by-wire capability that they created. FBW devices substitute manual analogue airplane control with electronics, thereby making the plane to be lighter in weight.

ChikumbutsoS inventions saith technologies

ChikumbutsoS inventions SAITH Technologies

Maxwell didn't design the vehicle. He shipped in the shell and underwent the procedure, with craftsmen, of producing the framework and installing the “engine”. A similar energy generation in the Eco-friendly power generator is the one which is implemented within their Electric Car.

The automobile doesn't need charging from a source of electricity. It entails just 5 normal gel batteries to begin producing sufficient capacity to start the vehicle and charge the batteries (continuous automobile). Technologically, perpetual motion states that the moment a physical object begins moving except if obstructed by another force, it is constantly going to continue moving forever.

The simple pendulum in secondary school science can be a close illustration. Sangulani, having said that, proposes that perpetual motion units utilize more power compared to the output in which he did the contrary; a lesser amount of power to get more output. Because of this (repelling the acknowledged laws), as outlined by him, his engineering is not capable of filing a patent globally.

Chikumbutso Greener Power-Machine

Chikumbutso Greener Power-Machine

Maxwell boasts that the drone could be 100% independent following retrieval of directions. As outlined by him most drones out there feature regular flight remote controls but not many possess the auto-pilot feature. This specific auto-pilot software package was brought in from Canada. Their invention is the capability to synchronise a number of different components (radar, motors, sensors etc) digitally in order that the drone can fly autonomously when instructed and re-calibrating itself based on the landscape and climatic conditions. It comes with a fail-safe function of just going back to base if systems are unsuccessful.

Somes Photos of the Saith Technologie Helicopter